The journey about "Tresmentes Megamind": 


1st January 2018 launch “” website for the Qatar Market to support the country people and foreigner for their Business Expand. We make the chain business connectivity which both parties will get benefits COMPANY & CUSTOMER.


Customer will be happy to get the RIGHT PRODUCT to the RIGHT PLACE which can save VALUABLE TIME, EFFORT & MONEY just one click to our website. On the other hand COMPANY will be satisfied to know which PRODUCT customer need "more or less". According to this POINT all the COMPANIES will be alert to make the QUALITY based PRODUCT for the CUSTOMER loves one.


We request all the companies to JOIN with us and sale your PRODUCTS online which you never been experience before.  Let’s make the lifestyle in a different way from 2018 onward.


If you have any question or inquiry please feel free contact us for your assistance. We glad to provide our unique solution. 


Tmegamind not only for online Shopping solution but also have others like, web advertising, marketing & business solution on different field. Please go throw our "Company Profile" to know more about our SERVICE TYPE. 



Tmegamind joint venture with Innovation & Creativity team:


We welcome all the Innovation & Creativity team to JOIN with us and let's do the work together. If you are an INVENTOR then immediately register with us and submit your proposal project plan,  select the title from the â€œservice to associate with” under Creativity form. Stay connected with us to make the lifestyle easy. On the other hand if you are a PROFESSIONAL experience on a particular POINT please do register with us and select the title from the â€œservice to associate with” under Creativity form according to your best Experience & upload your RESUME also. After received your email we will make communicate with you to be finalize.


The process - either if you are an Inventor or a Creativity Professional expert, please go to our CREATIVITY page & fill the FORM. We will connect with you for more clarification discussion.


For Creativity Professional expert can earn money safely as contract based project from us. when your register with us please fill the form accurate address to get your payment safely as per your given address. If change your address or contact number please email us on "" & mention the subject line clearly.  


Our goal is to help the people and companies globally equally.